The Challenge

Never Lost has been created by parents of school kids who are tired of wasting money rebuying school uniforms which have been lost. We have had enough of wasting our time searching through Lost Property rooms, only to come out empty handed even though items were labelled. We just can’t face another one of those early morning fights when you find the jersey is gone and it has just turned freezing cold!

The number 1 reason we don’t get our kid’s stuff back is because we don’t know when or where it went missing.

The Solution

Label 1

NeverLost Barcode

NeverLost offers parents a unique barcode label, which you can then print and use on any school item.

The NeverLost App

Using the NeverLost App, your school can then scan any lost property item with a NeverLost Barcode and you will be notified in minutes that your child’s item is in lost property.

We Found it!

As soon as your little one collects the item, you’ll be notified again to confirm that it is collected! Simple 🙂

Never Lost keeps you in control of your kids belongings!

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