Who We Are
Never Lost was created by parents with kids at school. We understand parents. We understand children. We know things get lost and we know items never get found even though they are labelled. We also know why!

Using what we know we have been able to devise a lost property management system which we are so very proud of. The reason we are so proud is because through Never Lost we make parents happy, kids happy, schools happy and even people in need happy!How do we achieve this much happiness from a labelling system you may ask. Let me explain very quickly. Parents save money – school uniforms and equipment are expensiveMoney is not being wasted

Parents are in control – if an item can’t be found, you know immediately that it is not at school otherwise you would have been notified straight away. You can now work out where else it could be.

The school is not a mess
Space is not being taken up by items that lie there for months

Children learn responsibility. A small fine can come out of their pocket money. A new blazer is often not possible for them to pay for and they only learnt that if I lose one … I get another one.

Anxiety is lifted from kids. Yes they need to pay the fine but they are now not scared for you to find out that they have lost yet another jersey at school!

The money from the small fine goes towards the school so your child will still benefit.
Items not claimed go to the second hand shop so someone else can benefit.
Items that can’t be sold in the second hand shop are donated to charity. Never Lost is not just a labelling system. We have eliminated Lost Property and created a Come and Collect. Your stuff belongs to YOU and we would like to keep it that way!